Welcome to JAMB Result website. Even though this is not owned officially by JAMB, we have here to help candidates to check their result with simple step-by-step guides.

Here you can check your results on jamb.org.ng or jambresult.org.ng.Follow these four simple steps to use this website.

  1. Visit jamb.org.ng

  2. Click on check result

  3. Insert your JAMB Resgitration number

  4. Click check result

School News

We also publish current news from all schools in Nigeria to help you stay up to date.

Feel free to surf our website for all your JAMB result needs.

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  1. olatunji adeola says:

    I Ve been on checking my result I didn’t see it oooooo

  2. olatunji adeola says:

    I am yet to see my result help me I Ve been on it since 3days ago

  3. Olasubomi Adeyanju says:

    my registration no. 65647654BI but I am yet to see my result


    Please have not see my jamb resort

  5. please have bin longing to see it oo

  6. please have not see my jamb result

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